• Scott: You've been bitten by a[n Alpha] werewolf. The Full Moon is tonight, and you don't know what to do. Confide in somebody, ask for help, but choose wisely.
  • Stiles: You're convinced that no matter what you do, everything is going to go downhill, and you're going to get wrapped up in the middle of it. This results in massive anxiety and jumpiness whenever conflict presents itself, no matter how small or how large. The giver of the M!A can choose to provide a conflict, or to leave the M!A as is.
  • Allison: Somebody tells you something that makes you seek vengeance by any means necessary. The giver of the M!A has to decide what this information is.
  • Lydia: You start hallucinating and seeing something/somebody from your past you'd really rather forget. People think you're losing it because of your building paranoia. The giver of the M!A can decide what/who it is that you're seeing, or he/she can leave it up to the mun.
  • Jackson: You turn into something every night, and you have no idea what it is, or that you're even turning at all. (i.e. werewolf, vampire, kitten, giant lizard man...) The giver of the M!A can decide, or he/she can leave it up to the mun.
  • Derek: You've grown cold, you don't trust anybody, and you believe that all of your "friends" or "allies" are only teaming up with you for their own sakes, so you start pushing them away.
  • Peter: You've gone a bit psychotic, and you feel the need to murder anybody you feel has more power than you do.
  • Isaac: You have memories of being physically abused by a loved one, which makes you EXTREMELY fearful whenever you're near him/her, even though he/she did absolutely nothing.
  • Erica: You've just had a total makeover, personality flip optional. (FC Switch.)
  • Boyd: You're abnormally quiet today. You literally can't speak over a whisper, even when you're trying to yell.
  • Danny: Your character's sexual orientation is flipped. (Genderswap optional.)
  • Matt: You feel the need to go stalk one (or all, or some) of your tumblr crushes. Go follow their muse, take pictures of them, watch from afar and try not to get caught.
  • Coach Finstock: You have to say the first thing that comes to mind today; there's no filter as far as head-to-mouth connections go.
  • [Damn it,] Greenberg: Everything anybody does pisses you off today. Everything.
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